More social lately

Another benefit of the Latuda is that I have been making more social connections.  And with the savings card I now pay only twenty five dollars a month for it!

Today I went to a memorial for my neighbor.  I wasn’t close to him but my husband was so I went to show my respect.  I respect death too, today I have pondered much about the meaning of death….  I am just glad I am no longer passively suicidal.  Today I felt the wind and had such peace.  Life is good again after a long stretch of sorrow.



Still doing well on Latuda

Just a quick check in.  I am doing really well on the Latuda.  I have mostly good days yet life isn’t perfect, it never is.  If things continue to go well, I will be starting a doctorate program in fall 2015.  I want get my doctor of psychology degree with a research emphasis.  Of course I will be focusing on Schizophrenia for my dissertation.  This year will be a year of helping my son with his high school studies and some travel plans too.  Life is good right now.  I am back to working 40 hours at work and the house is in order.  Next the gardens and getting out of my house which is hard for me.  Maybe I will get the kids to help?  I hope everyone is doing well too.