I joined a peer group!

In my last post I blogged how to get more involved in NAMI.  Well I did some research and while searching stumbled upon a peer group that I can facilitate one day if I get through the class.  We have only met once but I really liked everyone and the material presented.  It had quite a few topics which resonated with me on a positive note.  I can’t wait for the next class.  Today we did an exercise on what our miracle day will be like which is one of the questions I ask my clients using Solution Focused Therapy.  It got me thinking what I can do to achieve my miracle day.  I know to the rest of the world I am very productive but I have a lot of time where I am at a loss of what to do next and just how to relax comfortably.  Coming up triggers will be discussed which I am very interested in.  I am back at work but don’t want to relapse again into suicidal thinking like not that long ago and have to go back on disability.

As far as my work goes, I have accepted full time work for now but will have one afternoon off during the week when I will go to the peer class and get other things done.  I don’t know how everyone else gets everything done working Monday through Friday.  I need some of those hours to handle my finances and other things and on the weekends can’t accomplish that much?

I am back to walking again which is a great relief.  Movement puts me in such a better mood.  This last month with a bad back prevented me from my normal exercise routine and I really missed it.  Next I hope to get back into gardening, my plants are thirsty and I want to do so much…  Upcoming is my trip to Europe in June.  I am very excited to be going with my daughter to Rome!

Here is a great story of one person’s struggle with Schizophrenia  Enjoy, there is hope on this journey of recovery!


Wishing you all a great spring!