Some of the ways I stay sane


Well the days are strange these days.  Some days I get a lot done and others I kind of bumble around not accomplishing much.  But that’s ok because I can’t have perfect days every day, that would be unrealistic.

These days I am very grounded in the reality of my situation.  I can’t work, not even part time.  My career is toast and although I am sad about that because I actually do enjoy working it is ok because my life is very full with family, friends and all my readers some of whom have become good friends.

I take great pride in the upkeep of my house and actually enjoy days when I get to stay home and make it shine.  I have also joined a book club for mental stimulation.  Right now we are reading Thoreau which was my pick so I am in heaven; I just love his writing.  I go to Church every week and practice my faith every day praying for all my loved ones and right now am praying for all who read this blog for relief such as I have found from this dastard disorder which does still rob my joy at times when I let it which sometimes is more often than I like to admit.

But I have hope, hope that while I live and breathe I can enjoy life and look forward to life eternal when I will no longer suffer from SA.  If I can give just one person hope, that is enough.  Coming to a place of acceptance is the greatest accomplishment and I hope that all of you can find the same.  Your life is not over because you have this disorder, different yes, but not over.

The best thing I have done is to find a psychiatrist who I trust with everything to get the medication cocktail just right and also finding a therapist who I trust as well to work through some of the facets of this disorder that I don’t discuss with my pdoc like how to live life with this disorder.  I no longer see this therapist but will forever hold onto her comforting sessions when I got to be myself and have a good sounding board to check in my sometimes still strange ideas and hear solutions which I couldn’t think of by myself.  Exercise is also key to my well being.  I walk sometimes 7 miles a day and enjoy this cheap hobby very much which brings me great relief of the depression that I still face at times.  Eating well is also vital to my well being.  I probably eat healthier now than ever before and I have lost 30 pounds doing so with the help of Weight Watchers to learn how to eat smart and be more active.

These are the main ways I stay sane.  Like I said not every day is perfect but the days that are are awesome.

Readers, write in and share some of your secrets for dealing with this disorder!




4 comments on “Some of the ways I stay sane

  1. emmiejosie says:

    Check out my blog, living with schizophirena @


  2. Kelly says:

    Hi Victoria,

    Thanks for sharing! I’m 37 and currently coping with recovery from schizoaffective or bipolar or something related. I have put all my faith in dealing with the emotions related to whatever I have spiritually experienced directly, understanding that for me, medication would suppress my feelings and distort my perception in a blunted state. I have been hospitalized nine times, and finally, after an incredible amount of work I’ve released myself from openly confronting the ‘inner demons’. Now, I’ve given myself permission to fully recover and focus on writing. One of my strategies is that I do not label myself or share with my friends or even my counselors much of spiritual experience, believing instead that it would ostracize me and make me feel too uncomfortable. I feel more free if I try to express my creative imaginings through fiction writing. It is difficult, though, because I really want someone to confide in. I refer to feelings and thoughts occasionally, but I truly believe it keeps these paranormal experiences in the realm of possible rather than allowing them to run rampant in a naked vulnerablility to an unknown universe. Sharing them would make them more definite in manifestation in the community and therefore unescaple in your own universe. Another way I’ve coped is to faithfully maintain the optimistic thought that I have had the unique opportunity of confronting these spiritual challenge and, quite possibly, I’m one of the shamanistic types who successfully maneuver through the challenges and one who will bring many things to light through my work. It’s important to really believe in yourself. I look forward to networking with you and maybe we’ll get to do some wonderful things together.


  3. Gabriela says:

    Hi Victoria!
    My name is Gabriela and I’m from Brazil. I read some of your blog posts and I would like to share this touching story – Schizophrenia: Brazilian researcher tells how he copes with the illness –

    Thanks for your time and I hope you also like it. =)

    Best regards,


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