Happy New Year 2017!!!

As the new year abouts to ring in on this last day of 2016 I sit and ponder on the past year, here is a short list of my good and bad moments of 2016!

  • experienced deep sorrow at the loss of my father as I once knew him after he suffered two strokes but is still alive and
  • experienced deep love with my father with moments of coffee and his occasional one liner about whatever tickles his fancy.
  • thought I found a new career
  • lost that dream
  • had special moments with days with my dear daughter who lives away for school
  • spent time with my son who has a mental disorder and supported him
  • deeply realized the love for both my parents and my three children
  • strengthened my bond with my husband of 25 years!
  • relied on God more and myself less
  • survived another year with this disorder
  • am sober today and tomorrow and so on…
  • appreciate every one of my readers especially my followers!



One comment on “Happy New Year 2017!!!

  1. Ameena k.g says:

    I’m sorry to hear about the loss you experienced this year ❤️. Here’s to one and family and an amazing time ahead


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