Update from psychiatrist

Seeing my psychiatrist was very therapeutic and helpful.  I shared everything with him and he did not fail me.  I am so glad I have a psychiatrist I can trust…

He listened closely and allowed me to tell my story of the last few weeks and gave me a lot to think about.  I like that he is an hour away so I can think about his suggestions on the drive home.

Basically, he said that my temporary psychosis was probably caused by me quitting smoking suddenly.  Now that I am not having thought insertion anymore it makes me think twice before picking up another cig.  It’s been 12 days since I have smoked anything and I am much happier clean and sober and not smoking!

I am getting out more, not isolating nearly as much although I still do enjoy my alone time.  My house is tidier than ever although I need to clean my kitchen floor more regularly.  Yesterday I cleaned my drawers and computer area and it feels great to have things in order.  I am also getting to my AA meetings and listening to tapes of AA speakers to help me stay sane.  I haven’t been in recovery for a while.

My doctor also said that I shouldn’t work until after my disability hearing so that is off the table for the next few months.  I will think about working again after the hearing at a low stress job.

My mood is low tonight.  A lot has happened today and I suffered much today because of my disorder.  I suffer every day but today I realized something that is too close to home to share about on here.  Here is to better days to come.



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