Times are tough… yet thank you to all!

First had to quit my job, too stressful at a busy store.  Also, my mom needs my help right now after her knee surgery.  But I like to work so I am not going to give up on getting a lower stress part time job:)

Been getting a lot of emails lately though which really helps me to get out of my own life and work at expanding knowledge of this dastard disorder!  I am going to be doing an interview with Health360 along with Josh Rivedal whose book I wrote a chapter in, along with 49 other mentally afflicted individuals.  The book IM’possible Project  comes out in November so that is perfect timing for an interview.  I like doing them, voice only though, no camera for me.

I also connected with a lovely lady whose story I have known about for years but we finally connected today and it was great to talk to someone else who has gone through recovery from this disorder…  Very refreshing and the beginning of what I think will be a great friendship.  If you want to know her story check it out at:


And here is a link to her nonprofit, the CURESZ Foundation: https://curesz.org/

The great part about keeping a blog for so many years is that it comes in waves working with others either with others afflicted, or researchers and students, and can’t forget about the loved ones who suffer as much as us if not more because most of them are mothers but also include sisters too.  I am feeling nostalgic.  There have been some great memories with this blog.  I don’t regret one post and appreciate every like and comment:)  I answer all my emails and though we may part ways down the road I hope we are both richer for the connection…



2 comments on “Times are tough… yet thank you to all!

  1. Kim says:

    Thank you so much for your encouragement. I am not as well as you and isolate myself a lot of times but I am going to take CBT classes Lord willing and eventually maybe work one day a week at Goodwill they hire disabled people and have training there. May the one who created all of us Bless you and his Son Jesus. I am blessed enough that people actually think I am normal and not Schizoaffective. I renewed my disabled pass recently and the Lady acted like I was playing the system. I was forced to take medication in 1995 and tried to get off of it many times and always ended up in the mental hospital. I will try my best to stay out because the shot they gave my was dangerous and I lost my memory so bad for a couple of days that I didn’t know that my husband called a neighbor for help. I even read in the hospital report that I was given a zyprexa shot that could have killed me. The doctor had to monitor me. I guess to keep from going into a coma. Scary! But Jesus kept me alive. It was not my time to go. Hallelujah.


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