In the best mental health space in a while…

Dear readers, old and new, followers, purusers, and the like from around the world.

I am doing really well right now happy to report.  I have Schizophrenia/Schizoaffective Disorder since 2006 and the road has had many ups and downs with several relapses due to the stress of working mainly.  I don’t work anymore and haven’t for many years, on permanent disability which is great right now because my husband gladly isn’t working.

But how am I doing so well?  I am surrounded by my husband, adult daughter and son and my pups!  I have so much to be grateful for, God, my family, loved ones, first responders and those who work every day to help the first responders like my other son and daughter in law.  Can’t minimize the importance of their valuable contribution to society in these most difficult times.

Because I don’t work I am used to a lot of alone time and having most of my family with me right now really helps.  We rotate around the house and each of us give the others the space we need.  Here are the ways each of us are dealing with this global crisis.  We all have our own way to deal so thought to share how my family is getting on.

My husband has the tv (with the news) on most of the time so I have my ear buds in with relaxing music (current fave is the Staves, make it holy), then he watches something else or the other day he watched comedians for three hours.  It was great to hear him laugh.  When he needs to, he goes out to his big garage he built a few years ago and listens to loud music and drinks beer and calls his friends.

My daughter is working from home for the moment although her job may become obsolete soon.  So I see her in spurts throughout the day.  When she is not working she is face-timing friends and coworkers and watching shows.  She wants to work out but it isn’t a priority i guess but I think it would really help her…

My 21 year old baby son sleeps until 2 or 3 every day because he stays up late playing his games and catching up on the news.  He gets his anger about the situation out by cursing at the monitor… but he is trying to work out at least several days a week and last night encouraged us to play a game of Yahtzee which he won.  I was surprised by how he had his strategy down.

For the most part I do all the cooking and clean up with occasional help from my daughter.  I don’t mind because anything I do right now to stay busy keeps my mind off all the fears I’m sure we all have.  And cooking creatively right now and sitting down together as a family should is really really nice.  Hope it continues past this time…

Why else am I doing so well?

I am really keeping up with my supplement routine.  I take my Goterpy Cbd oil full spectrum two or three times a day which really helps with stress, mental clarity by Shaklee helps me to be focused and remember things, vitamins D and B (sublingual for energy) and I have elderberry syrup on the way to support the immune system.

I am also staying very active, walking, gardening, cleaning and then cleaning some more, yoga and dancing.  I am aware of the news through a trusted local source and another but I don’t spend much time if any on social media.

I just know right now many of us are suffering with the way the world is turning but having a routine every day and sticking to it is paramount to our mental health.  It might be just one thing extra other than taking your meds and taking care of your mental and physical health that you set out to do each day.

I was feeling better one day, so made a huge list of things I wanted to get done.  Well at the end of the day I crumpled up the list because I did nothing on the list.  Then I started putting one thing to accomplish outside of my regular routine on each day of my planner for the week and voila!  The magic of not having the pressure of a bunch of things helped me so much mentally that I actually did much much more than I had set out.

I went to bed with a cleaner house, tired body and mental and physical satisfaction that it had been a good productive day.  But I know not every day will be like that so acceptance of that fact is important to setting realistic goals each day in this time of the unknown when we don’t know when things will get back to normal.

I also am really trying not to go to the store right now.  I have to go tomorrow to pick up my meds for the month so will pick up some essentials.  If I use the food in my cupboards, fridge and freezer I will save money and not expose myself extra to this virus.  I challenge you to do so too!  If more Americans and the rest of the world would practice this the pandemic would halt to a slow and we will be able to get back to some normalcy.

Hope this longer than usual blog is helpful at some levels.

Praying for all of you and the whole world.

I can be reached at for anything…



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  1. NJ80 says:

    Glad to hear things are looking up, take care.

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