The facade continues…

I put on a brave face, do what needs to get done minimally but I am suffering so much right now with the loss of my brother in law. I am not numb, no I feel the sadness and wish I could be joyful and fun for my sister but alas I am not that kind of person. I have a glass of wine with my meals but other than that don’t really party much.

Grief is tough. one moment I am fine and the next i am in the pits of despair. Losing a loved one right before the holidays is extra hard. I think of all the people who died of covid this year. May their souls rest in peace and their families be comforted. There are many…

I have lost two significant people this year and it sucks. I miss them both like crazy and wish they were still here. But they are gone so must make the most of my time without them.

Here is to better days of laughing again, maybe tomorrow…



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