Who I am…

I am a daughter, wife, mother, friend and hopefully a good person. I do not hurt others on purpose. Never have, never will. I am the type of person to put others needs ahead of mine.

This is just how I am. But no more these days. My needs have to be taken care of in order for me be able to give back.

Life is great but then it isn’t…

the is the life of one with this dastard disorder schizophrenia/schizoaffective disorder. One minute I am fine because all my needs are met but then the anxiety or messages come although as of late it has been quiet from heaven and I like that.

Tons of paperwork to get through before the holidays! Just saying I have to get my ass in gear and get er done.

Push, push, relax, this is my M.O. So much to do but going to chill now and just relax and take it all in.

Everything is up in the air these days. Not sure on Thanksgiving this year, cars are all broken except the truck. I am stuck at home with my husband who is off the next week. Which is great but hard too with him observing my habits lol.

Anyway praying for all of you



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