I am calm within the storm of my schizophrenia…

The world is wrong, I am right, I know everything and how it should be. I do not doubt anymore., no I am a libra, well-balanced and eager to please.

Yes, I am delusional today but that’s ok because maybe tomorrow will be different. I am under a tremendous amount of stresss right now causing these delusions.

Happy to report I am not driving. Yes I have had some wine. But the truth must be told. I am not ok most of the day. I a unhinged, unable to do the simple things required of me. But somehow I get them done. Not with ease though.

Too much to do today.

I speak to and for the dead. Does that freak anybody out? It’s a gift I believe in and others believe as well. I channel for my friend not my sister. Will be speaking to her dead husband later tonight about things. Thanksgiving will be fucking hard. That was their day to entertain. To give thanks to God almighty for all He has done. I give thanks too. But tonight i will live in my delusions and do the next thing whatever that may be.



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