How you doing tonight?

I am still looking up to Him who made heaven and earth…

I see signs everywhere, and anyone can if they are open to all that God wants to communicate to them, sometimes it is a simple flower or angel number that brings me peace and hope for better times to come.

Today is windy. It frightens me and my daughter. So fierce, not benign. Gusty and cold. an ugly day but I refuse to let the wind control my mood. I will be happy if I choose it but today I choose to be sad with my dad barely hanging on by a prayer.

I love to write. I have written books, articles, now an ebook and going to work on my next ebook too after this blog. I must stay busy. I am not strong. But I have faith that God will hold me up when my dad passes into eternal life and rest. I cry every time I talk to him as it may be the last time we get to say I love you.

Ah, but this is meant to be an uplifting blog.

Let’s do a check in

Physical- have you eaten good healthy food? Have you gotten your rest? Have you taken your meds and supplements? My answer is yes to all. Currently sipping on a kale banana blueberry smoothie! Movement- not much here for me. Too cold to go for a walk but I know how important this is so will be getting in some exercise whether it be yoga or walking with leslie sansone.

Mental- meds yes, therapy scheduled for Wed, psychiatrist appointment scheduled, journaling and blogging to help me get out of my head for a minute, supplements are a must

Spiritual- I pray right now because I haven’t prayed much today except for in the morning when I first wake up I sit for 5 minutes with a cup of coffee and just thank and praise God for being alive. There is always something to be grateful for! I am grateful for my family right now and my best friends.

So overall I am doing pretty good minus the exercise. I’m thinking gentle yoga. How are you doing? Do a body scan if needed and see where your stress lies. Mine rests in my hands and the pit of my stomach. Holding a crystal helps and eating regularly healthy food helps too.

I did publish my first ebook this morning. I will share the link on here but seriously all the content is already on this blog so feel free to peruse May series coping skills unlimited for some good reading. right now all I can do is a few of the practices due to my state of being with my dad. But I can meditate, walk, pray, eat healthy and write. There will be time for the other activities once my dad passes.

Leaving you all with good thoughts tonight or today.

peace, love light and joy



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