New Laptop and fabulous concert…

I am typing out my very first words on a brand new laptop my son paid mostly for. I love it!

So much to do and it is late but just wanted to check in and test out my new computer. It’s a bigger screen but too tired to give it a more thorough look tonight. All my files were transferred and saved on the hard drive. I am so grateful I have a son who is a techy.

Now at last have to share the concert was fabulous!!!! I will be posting pics this week. It was a night of love, dancing and enjoying my favorite artist, Jason Mraz.

More tomorrow…

Hope ya’ll are doing great. I’m ok but not looking forward to this week with 2 appointments about my possible DID or OSDD (a lesser version non specified), which the latter is what I feel I lean toward. One is an old therapist who knows me but not much about these disorders and my psychiatrist on Friday. We shall see how they go.

peace love light and joy


One comment on “New Laptop and fabulous concert…

  1. ashleyleia says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed the concert!


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