I’ve never wanted an easy life but a break every now and then would be nice…

I do get breaks don’t get me wrong but it seems lately that I am constantly putting out fires as my dad would say.

I have been severly depressed, stressed, and to top it off trip to doctor for “massive bladder infection” said the doc. Feeling like crap but better today a bit so back to writing for me.

Writing is a good friend if that makes sense. Haven’t been journaling at all because I was taking care of my son’s dog who finally went home after two weeks. A huge 9 month old puppy! So relieved…

I push through despite the constant fires I have to put out. My husband is awesome thankfully and rolls with all the punches pretty well. I have not shared with him my DID disorder diagnosis. He can barely handle if you can call it that my Schizoaffective Disorder, but because it is well managed, I know that helps everyone. I do not stop taking my meds no matter what!

I had to run an emergency errand to bring medicine to my mom today when all I wanted to do was chill. So I chose to make it fun and it was. After getting it to her, letting my sister know she had it, and taking a deep breath, I went to Dutch Bros which is a local new coffee spot that we treat ourselves to when things are getting better. It also happened to be my daughter’s birthday month so I spoiled her and her coworker to coffee which helped them get through a lawyer thing. So cool! They appreciated it in spades and I enjoyed my drink as well.

Came home, air fried some chicken with mac n cheese for my son and myself then hung out with my husband a bit and then with him and his friends. They have bbqs over here every Friday night and now that I am vaccinnated I am trying to be more social.

Back inside after longer than usual but can only hear about cars for too long! I have a pile of dishes and laundry but there’s later as the night is young here in California.

Wondering if life will ever settle down but with a grandbaby on the way it may not.

I’d say the best thing I did for me today was to turn a difficult situation of having to help my mom and not feeling great myself and choosing to celebrate my daughter and get over social anxiety at the bbq.

Have a great weekend everyone

peace love light and joy to all!


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