Upcoming March 2022 news…

After much reflection upon the happenings of 2021/2022 I feel led to revamp this site.

Be ready for some major and minor changes in content, appearance, addition of guest bloggers tab, and more.

I’m down sick for the night, but not down in spirit anymore.

The Universe rhythm has answered my prayers and I am no longer suffering of the mind.

It is amazing how resilient the mind is seriously.

One minute in despair and then comes the understanding… through the rhythm of the Universe I am at peace with all in my life.

Some of it is still uncomfortable but God has led me to believe that He/She/It has their hand in all of it!

Amen, So be it.

So get ready blogging world for when God wants something it will not be denied.

My main focus for starters will be how to advocate for your mental wellness especially when one is in a fragile state. I had to do this recently and after many exchanges with my psychiatrist who I have been with since my diagnosis in 2008, has finally heeded my pleas to change my meds. I will be starting Invega 6mg Monday as I taper off of Risperdal. I have great hope for this new antipsychotic in my system for many reasons. But of course I understand it will not be the cure all, just the start.

I do have new hope and thank you to any of you who liked my previous blog, “Is it ok to be mad at God?” and to those who sent prayers and love my way. They were felt and are returned.

The way I went around getting my meds changed was a bit sneaky and manipulative but necessary and I didn’t plan it that way. I have invited one of our guest bloggers to write about advocating for ones’ mental and physical health as I suffer both to varying degrees. There’s got to be a better way than the path I took but I got the results I desired and is it possible that the medicine I will be starting actually is the only FDA approved medicine for Schizoaffective Disorder? And that it came out in 2006, the year I received the gift of schizophrenia, finetuned to schizoaffective disorder in the same year?

I see these happenings a lot. New businesses opening the year I need them and closing down once I don’t need them anymore or at least no longer being relevant in my humble yet mad existence?

I also want to focus on affirmations in my blogging and plan an affirmation each day or week as I am able to muster.

Today I want all of you with a mental disorder to say right now out loud or in your mind this affirmation~

I am brave. I am brave. I am brave.

Brave because we haven’t given up

Brave because we haven’t lost hope ( because if you are still with me on my ramblings you have much hope even if it doesn’t feel like it some days or even most days)

and brave because you and I are uniquely special, loved, and meant for something greater than now in this life. Also though must be grateful for this very moment where we are right now, right where our feet are.

So be happy dear reader. Be happy in your braveness to face whatever next obstacle, problem or gift you receive from the Universe because some situations are there to teach us to love ourselves fully.

Never forget that we are brave for having made it thus far….never forget that please.

In service, peace, love light and joy


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