If the sun don’t shine on me tonight…

A poem dedicated to anyone who needs it

I accept it all

The good, the bad, the unspoken

The yearning for a different life

because this one has fallen short

I chose this path and must not admit defeat

For anything

Sobriety is right below my belief in God

and it is what I hold dear

there is nothing to fear

only that as more trials come

I may one day fall and not get back up

The hurt, the love, the wisdom gained

by each and every friendship I have been engaged

I will not try again, for this one brought too many tears

and along with it the absolute power of God above

who holds us in His hands

giving life

only He knows when it will end

So tonight I will try to sleep and not dream

of a different life, that much I know

that much I hope

That is all my friends

I bid you adieu

and ask myself, what would Jesus do?

The end and beginning of my new chapter of my life of madness…

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