Quiet tonight and a heartfelt thank you to all my loved ones…

I am amazingly resilient despite my disorder and in peace tonight after much drama 🎭

My mind is at ease; my spirit at rest; my will aligned with my Creator…

I was warned but because of this or that I failed to heed it. The morning of the event I was given a prayer that said that that which will harm me will be taken away. I thought it meant something else but I was wrong 😑

No need to discuss any further details but drama, confusion and my God brought about the end of a very difficult situation and I am thankful tonight.

I never asked for an easy life but at times it is too much the many miracles witnessed by me and others. I am blessed to be alive.

Tonight was special with my husband and I thank him for not just putting up with me but for being present tonight as married couples unite after difficulties of bumps and at times craters that try to interfere with the marriage bond. here’s to 30 years more…

Thanks 🙏 also to my support team! You know who you are and even though I am often comforted by God I still need help at times from people on earth 🌍



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