The fever came again and now to tempt fate or ignore the messages??

I wrote Sunday that I won’t give up when the fever comes again…

The fever came shortly after blogging…

I didn’t give up!

But now I am faced with a choice in the next 8 minutes and can’t decide whether to have compassion on myself or another soul.

I am not in angst over the decision.

I trust in God to lead me as I have prayed for His will be done.

Tomorrow I am meeting with my therapist to discuss fate. Light subject. 7 minutes to decide.

And then another therapy apt. the next day to discuss more on whatever the heck is on my mind. 6 minutes away. Who will win the clock will soon tell.

The fever that came was in the form of food poisoning, a drunk husband, financial woes. And if that wasn’t enough (5 minutes) I woke up the next morning and doubled up accidentally on one of my many meds that does not help anxiety. I have none right now so perhaps it is ok to meet fate. 3 minutes away.

So yesterday was a write off. I was still recovering from the food poisoning, my husband’s irritations about ??? and finances once again being what they are. 2 minutes. I had to call poison control, the doctor and the pharmacy in the reverse order. One minute!!!!!!!!!!

Divine intervention has won

I will just say this about meeting fate. There are still gentlemen in this world 🌎

And a thank you to the gentleman who honored my space tonight.

Perfect peace tonight except for a stomach ache, 3 nights in a row now??? Tomorrow I’m supposed to go to folklorico with my daughter so hoping it goes away.

I gotta get it together, mind and body but spirit is good. Thanks God for a good productive day. Not perfect but satisfying…

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