More excitement in the air tonight and upcoming first guest blogger very soon…

I did it! I was able to write and submit my first article for the new platform I have learned about through my blog! It’s exhilarating to be writing again and with passion to tell interesting dark stories of a time in my life when I was living with a death wish but someone else died instead of me and brought me back to my senses.

Life is in progress readers. It takes no breaks and often doesn’t make sense to anyone. So how can we live in an ever changing world?

We can start in our own little section and be the best we know how. If our parents were messed up we can learn from teachers who did their best to never let us down. And we can pass on to others a good example the best we can. Mistakes are a part of everyone’s lives; so learn from them and try not to repeat the same ones.

I’ve been actually talking to my neighbors a bit and it feels safe again. After what we all just went through I was isolating from everyone except my family and it was hard. But now I am not getting involved but just being friendly.

There’s the neighbor across the street who walk his German Shepard with a stick who is now friendly with me but from across the street because our dogs don’t get along. And many more I could go on about. People are fascinating I think. But I don’t get too close to anyone for various reasons as I have blogged about before.

It is not to be for me anyway.

And it gives me more time to write ✍️ lol

On to my guest blogger article coming soon right here. I’m having some technical issues with WordPress and my laptop so as soon as I get it worked out I will share a blog about mental health and addiction.

It is titled What came first? By my new friend gracefuladdict. Check out her daily blogs of interesting content in the meantime here on WordPress. In recovery we just can’t have too many friends I think 🤔

I will leave you all tonight with my favorite quote “be the change you wish to see in the world “ I’m trying


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