Something in the air tonight…

It’s been a lovely day, warm weather and abundant sunshine ☀️. A day to reflect and decided to embark on new endeavors with my professional life.

I am going off of disability and going to start offering services right here through my blog for 3 months and if It is successful will continue. If I don’t earn money at what I offer which will be coming soon 🔜 I will get a job hopefully remote of writing for an income.

This is huge for me. Please excuse the ads that I have also signed up for monetizing my site. Thanks for all your support and for being faithful followers. I know that without my blog and all of you I wouldn’t feel able to do this no risk endeavor.

I’m actually pretty excited to share my knowledge and experience in a new dimension, in a way that will help me, not just financially but also help others into a better way of living.

I am not posting this to my front page as I want to give my followers the first chance at these new services which include life coaching to help find meaning in life no matter what the situation or diagnosis.

My studies and life experience have brought me thus far and sharing with others to find meaning and purpose gives me meaning and purpose!

I also hold a Masters in psychology but my real success is in my studies around Logotherapy and the mind, body and spirit connection.

So feel free to use the contact form to sign up and spread the word if possible. This is my unofficial announcement and I don’t know the response obviously but am pleased to branch out and who knows?



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