Enjoying first social event without delusions… & a Love story~

I don’t want this story to be about me though, so I will just say it was nice to be at a wedding today with people I didn’t know yet feeling more comfortable than I have ever felt in my life socializing. No weird thoughts that the day was about me. That’s it about me Haha. Now to the beautiful story…

This couple’s wedding was a work friend of my husband’s and was in Spanish. My Spanish is pretty good but my husband did translate the toast for me because it really was a lovely story. This couple has been together for 26 years, have kids and I have no idea why now they decided to get married now, but after hearing the story of how they met understand why they went all out with the decorations and mariachis. I can’t post all the pics I took for the privacy of the people but just had to share a bit of their amazing wedding.

They first met crossing the border with coyotes and all. This is a very dangerous exploiting situation already. But somehow this is how they met and they had no money, no food, no water, nothing but an apple he gave her to win her heart. It worked. They both passed safely to America and began a very humble beginning, which led to him becoming the owner of a very profitable carpet store and not really sure if she worked or stayed home with the kids but she doesn’t work now.

I wish I knew more of the details of their long term relationship but that is all I know except for this~after the vows and toast he presented her with an apple. I have tears now thinking about it. How much love he showed for her the whole wedding, as if he was winning her heart all over again…

Here’s some more pics below. It’s nice to feel “normal” whatever that is. I read today that this world has 7 billion normal’s. I love that. Inclusion to the very core of our planet!

This was the photo booth where the newlyweds took pictures with the guests…

A Popular fruit bar…
A simple yet elegant cake…

It was a perfect wedding and I am glad I got to witness this happy couple’s love and devotion.

My husband and I had a lovely time, too. It was like being on a 5 hour date with everything paid for, just him and I at the table.

Happy Father’s day to my dad in heaven and all the dads, all the men who want to be dads, the priests and happy birthday to my nana, my sweet daughter who arrived on Father’s day as a present to her dad 28 years ago today.



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