Saturday Series: Mind, Body & Spirit Connection~ Consciousness

Welcome to all! Today’s it’s Saturday still where I am at and finally sitting down to blog this series I have been excited about all week:)

But first an announcement~ I am going to begin a new podcast called, “More than my Diagnosis”, very soon right here through this blog. I find when I verbalize my thoughts, I can be more concise and energetic with my words rather than when I write. So stay tuned as I learn about podcasting and record my first episode! Join me if you aren’t following me yet and if you are already following me, I hope you tune in.

I chose “More than my Diagnosis” as its title, with my daughter’s help, because all of us, no matter what we are labeled with mentally or physically, are more than any label. Our family and friends can attest to this I am sure and maybe one day we will believe it too! I do and it is very freeing and energizing to continue my successful mental health journey, which leads me right into today’s topic- Consciousness

First what does that word/term even mean? It means being awake and aware, first to ourselves and then to others and our surroundings. It also means realizing our potential, which one person can never achieve fully, but we can try our hardest to be all that we are meant to be. Not an easy task for sure but it is good to be on a much clearer path with the help of my herbal supplements, mainly Kratom, which has put me in full remission from Schizophrenia/Schizoaffective Disorder. See this post to learn more about taking Kratom for therapeutic benefits. I also have an article to be shared with health care providers on Kratom that I will gladly share with anyone who writes to me using my contact form above.

So, how do we enter this state of being fully awake? It’s easy and hard for some at the same time. But anyone reading this is already becoming more aware and awake through choosing to read this blog so it will probably be easier for you, dear reader.

Take a deep breath and hold it for a moment and release slowly. If it was a big exhale, do it 2 more times. Feel the breath of being conscious enter your physical state, and allow the release of breath to be anything you desire, positive thoughts, creative ideas, mental health wellness. This paused your day, if you did this exercise, and put thought to whatever needs attention for your mind, body and spirit to connect. Remember that spirit is not religious or even about God, unless you want it to be; rather it is spirit in the sense of our soul or all that we don’t understand, YET.

How did you connect your breath to your state of awareness? Did it relax you and hopefully release some tension if present? For me, I carry my stress in my shoulders and jaw. When I do conscious breaths, I try to remember to relax my shoulders and jaw. And here’s a neat trick I learned somewhere- when you are going to sleep at night, drop your tongue from the roof of your mouth and relax this area. This will help you to relax and fall asleep easier.

I also find yoga to be particularly helpful for my mind and body. This is for guys and gals and anyone in between. If you aren’t familiar with yoga, check out Adrienne’s free yoga videos for beginners or advanced on Youtube. Although I do my own flow most days when I practice yoga, sometimes I watch her videos to learn some new poses and she is very down to earth good vibes yogini (female who does yoga). For more about the benefits of doing yoga, click here for a past post I did in 2020.

As we learn new tools or discover old ones tucked away we begin to become more fully aware and it’s easier to enter a state of consciousness. How many areas are affected when I practice these mindful activities, I become much more peaceful, and content with whatever drama might come my way. This is a great state to be in- Acceptance.

Let nothing disturb you.

Problems become opportunities to grow and expand our consciousness.

For example, during the start of this blog, the dogs next door were barking like crazy and caused me to lose focus. I was irritated for a while as they kept barking, but then I wished them well and continued my blogging. After a while, they stopped barking. I was so focused on this blog that I don’t even know when they stopped. Lesson- difficulties will come and they will go, yet it is our attitude towards them that matters. If we let such things bother us, they will fester, but if we learn to let them go and enter the ultimate state of consciousness for me to achieve, described below, we will be at peace and ready for whatever might come our way!

My Ultimate State of Consciousness

To not prefer things, but to appreciate every person, event and circumstance

To not judge things as good or bad

Instead to be free in our new awareness of self and others around us

I will be talking more about this state in my new podcast soon and I am also looking forward to our next guest writer on starting a meditation practice. I am still struggling with dedicated meditation but it doesn’t bother me, because meditation is only one way to find inner peace and not the only way.



4 thoughts on “Saturday Series: Mind, Body & Spirit Connection~ Consciousness

  1. Hola un cordial saludo desde Lima Perú. No entiendo porque dices que tienes que pelear con la meditación. Si de lo que se trata es de disfrutar de ella. Y si no la disfrutas necesitas cambiar a otro tipo de meditación que sea compatible contigo.

      1. Hola Victoria. Cuéntame que tipos de meditación has practicado y en base a lo que me digas te podría ayudar. Y por otro lado que entiendes por meditación.

      2. Hola Takashi! He tratado muchos tipos, caminando, guía, Zenón, sentado, y el problema es que nunca continúa. Me gusta pero me gusta mi música demasiado. En las noches escucho a meditación música de Buddhism antes durmiendo pero siempre mientras estoy preparado para cama. Ojalá que entiéndaseme. Gracias 🙏

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