A bit about this Saturday Series: Mind, Body, & Spirit Connection~Body

Welcome all countries! I hope you are all well and those who are on a laptop, enjoying my new theme, which I impatiently decided to change last night for better mobile user experience. I’m still working out the kinks, so to say, but overall like the new design. If you have time, let me know what you think in the comments. Is it hard on your eyes? I ask because in preview mode it was a little hard to read, but I have poor eyesight. I will take any suggestions as I would like it to be user friendly for all. Thanks ahead:)

I wanted to blog tonight about this Saturday’s Series on the Body Connection with Mind and Spirit for several reasons. I think a lot of us, I know I do, neglect certain important aspects of our physical needs, whether it be to work, blog, care for others or anything else. It is easy for me to get distracted and not take care of my body, when that is what I need to focus on more, so that my mind and spirit are ready to do x,y and z. Without the body being cared for, we will not be in top shape to do whatever it is next to get done.

We will actually be able to do more, if we put our bodies first. Feel better, think sharper, and live longer hopefully; which is where I am at today, happy to say, wanting to be alive and live longer to see my children, granddaughter and more grandchildren one day grow up. It is awesome to no longer want to be dead (I was passively suicidal until recently, and throughout the years since 2006)

I don’t want to miss one opportunity to be with all my family. I host family dinners frequently and have one this Sunday, which I am eagerly preparing for. We are actually going to show old videos I recently organized through Google Photos, that was a lot of work but well worth it.

Yet, I am torn between activities and have to decide where to spend my energy, as Sunday is coming up fast. A recent hack I learned was to make a list of 25 life/work goals, choose 5 goals and anything else I might be interested in, I should ignore. This is my new path to succeed, to only have 5 goals that I give my all too, rather than 25 that I do halfway. For me these are goal I hope to accomplish after my family time, including managing the household, cooking and gardening.

Well, happy to say my blog was at the top of this list and also happy to end the day with a blog about what I am working on for this Saturday Series. I hope you all check it out, follow me if you can if you aren’t already! Soon I will have a subscriber page put up with a link to follow me if this topic interests you. All this is free information that not only benefits me, but hopefully all of you, as well.

On another note, I found a new podcast about Schizophrenia that I like. I am subscribed to 35 podcasts on Feedspot but only have found one to be beneficial on what interests me or that talks about Schizophrenia in a way that is not stigmatizing. I have to find the link as it was hard to get to on my phone, but will be posting and reviewing it as soon as I do.

Have a wonderful Thursday and stay safe:)



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