Saturday Series: Mind, Body & Spirit Connection~ The Body

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Today we will be focusing on how the body helps us in so many ways if we pay attention to its different needs mainly~ proper nutrition, exercise, sleep and rest, and managing stress.

If I undervalue any of these areas, my mental health seems to suffer.

By narrowing it down, we can decide which, if any, of these ares we are currently neglecting or need to pay more attention to to maximize the wonderful benefits of a well-oiled body. This is not an exhaustive list but rather what I have gleaned in my pursuit to be at my best in the mind, body and spirit connection.

Proper nutrition-

There is much confusion around this topic I have found. But I think it is safe to say that getting more veggies and fruit in our diets is safe. I do know that when I eat spinach I feel better mentally, which may be contributed to it being high in glutamine. New studies show that people with ongoing chronic Schizophrenia may be low in glutamine, which could be caused by the long term use of anti-psychotics or from the Schizophrenia itself. Studies are unclear. Newly diagnosed people with Schizophrenia showed high levels of glutamine.

I was considering taking a glutamine supplement but after staying up late last night reading long studies about glutamate for Schizophrenia, the results just aren’t clear. So I will be increasing my nutrients that contain glutamate rather than direct supplements and see how I respond. In addition to the chart below spinach and parsley also have high levels of glutamine. I did just added sauerkraut to my diet for the probiotics present, so for me it is a win win. Walmart has it in the refrigerator section, which is better than canned and lasts 60 days in the fridge.

That being said, a ketogenic diet can put Schizophrenia into remission but is not possible for me. Others might benefit from this way of eating. I eat some carbs and a pretty balanced diet, with some sugar usually honey or a favorite treat. I love food! But making sure I get a balanced diet is my goal and my husband thinks I eat too healthy but I feel better when I stick to this type of eating with the occasional treat:)


Is obviously important too, but sometimes I don’t take time out of my life to dedicate more than a half hour a day to it. At least some stretching is very helpful and if I don’t yoga one day, I will stretch my body as I lay down at night. Walking and gardening, of course, I am good at. But the key is to find something you enjoy so you look forward to it. I was strength training for a while but got no pleasure out of it so there my free weights sit and collect dust with no guilt.

Sleep and Rest-

As much as I hate going to bed, I do manage to get 7-8 hours of sleep a night. I also do rest as needed depending on my activity level. This is valuable for my score on my Fitbit telling me what level of activity I am ready for. It isn’t always correct but is a good gauge for me to know if my body is at its best to do more exercise or not.

Managing Stress-

This is my hardest one as of late. I am pretty mellow but have found that when stress occurs or is ongoing that I tend to shut down. I am trying a new supplement (as soon as it arrives) and will report back how it helps my stress levels. It is a nootropic, naturally, so eager to see if it helps me to manage my life around anxiety. They say some stress is good but while I know my life will never be perfect, I don’t like stress of any kind right now, and seek a life which is stress-free or better ways to deal with stress, like my headphones when there is noise. Meditation, mindfulness and yoga also help when I do it, but I don’t always feel like those activities when stress levels are high.

Feel free sharing how you deal with stress in the comments.

Also how do you care for your body? What are some areas I may have missed that are important to you?

It is often quite the juggling act for me, I focus on my mind, neglect by body or spirit or the other way around. We are human and aren’t going to be perfect but learning more about our body can never hurt. As always take what works for you and leave the rest and always check with your doctor if you are pregnant or have a preexisting medical condition. I do have a Master’s Degree in Psychology, but am not a doctor so always check with them if any questions arise. You can also reach out to me, but I may not know the answer, so always seek professional advice if any confusion or conflicting advice has been given.


Stay tuned for my next blog on “Let’s talk about the stigma around Schizophrenia”, coming soon right here. Follow me if you are interested:) Also, I am leaning away from doing a podcast after all. My attention is focused on my family, and this blog and it may be that I need to also focus on myself first, to be able to continue with all that I am doing. It may be a future endeavour or not. Only God knows:)



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