“The quintessential experience of integrating body, mind and spirit.”

It is a personal journey to do this and looks different for every person.

Although, the Saturday Series is not happening anymore, I will still be blogging about the mind, body and spirit connection in various blogs. It is still very much a part of my journey to nurture all three areas to be the Unity that God intends. I have a long way to go but am ever grateful to be on this journey and sharing it with all my readers and followers.

We are a family, WordPress family that is (thank you KK for pointing that out today), with bloggers and readers alike yet different in many ways. Some people stop by and decide to follow and some read a bit and don’t come back and others enthusiastically read through many of my past blogs, which I love. I, too, sometimes read my past blogs when I am curious, or bored (which is ok to be) or when I just need to read how far I have come. It helps me greatly, and I hope it helps others, too, for as I have said all along, if I touch one person through my writing it is all worth it.

And so many different new countries, which I find exhilarating. Even Qatar has stopped by and I learned how to say that country’s name today. I wish I could speak many languages but the language of love needs no defining. I speak and write English and Spanish but also am learning a bit of French recently. Hello France, too. Thank you to all countries who have visited my blog since its inception in 2013. USA is still at the top of that list, which I am also grateful for since I live there haha.

But I am getting off track from the title, yet wish I could remember and recognize all the different countries with interest in my writing.

So, what does quintessential even mean? I know it’s a good word and perhaps the word I have been looking for in this series, mind, body and spirit connection, which I have been fascinated with for many years; I l remembered this by reading my past blogs as far back as 2017!

In simple terms its synonyms are-

  • typical.
  • ultimate.
  • classic.
  • ideal.

That is what I am seeking, the ultimate, classic and ideal experience of integrating the mind, body and spirit into the unity that we all possess but for many this is unrealized, unnoticed and ignored. (to integrate means to combine all three so they become whole.)

This will probably take me a lifetime to write about; and that’s just fine because I am not going away.

More on this soon as I have the pleasure of writing my speech for my late brother in law’s Celebration of Life this Saturday. It is 3 pages long so far and still needs much finessing. I want to portray him as I understood Jimmy and bless my sister with honoring him as such.

Stay tuned, dear readers for the next installment of this series which will be a recap for me and others just joining. If you are new and I have peaked your curiosity, you can find the other blogs at the top of this page under Saturday Series: Mind, Body and Spirit Connection. I will be rereading them and also waiting for inspiration to strike me as I never know from where it will come.

Today the inspiration hit me from an Ayurveda College email (that I am not going to attend, although that would be very cool). That is where I got the title for this blog from one of its students, and knew again that this is what I am meant to continue to write about.

Also much more on my recovery from Schizophrenia…



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