Live a life that matters…

Today was my late brother in law’s Celebration of life and it was fantastic!

Jimmy was honored by many people from young to old and every age in between.

My sister was the happiest I have ever seen except for when she was with her Jim. This makes me terribly happy and sad at the same time. Her time with her best friend and husband was cut short by cancer ♋️. He left behind a legacy and it was a life well lived.

I gave my speech and after sharing some precious memories I said what I believe with all my heart what Jimmy would have said- to live a life that matters.

Being present for all in our life, even when it’s hard, for not all people are easy to love, this is what matters. It is not how much money we have or don’t have but rather how much we love, for that is what we will be remembered for after we pass on to eternal life.

I am very blessed with 4 children (living) and two in heaven who I will meet one day. Also my granddaughter who loves me so. I will always tell them I am proud of them no matter their choices, no matter their struggles. I will pray for them and be there for them anyway I can.

We are not promised tomorrow so we must make the most of every day we can. Good mental health helps me appreciate all of my life even more than yesterday. The best is yet to come and even when hard times come again we are able to deal with it because of our choices today.

Living in the moment, making the best choices we can and loving every day we are alive isn’t an easy task. But having this as a goal every morning when we wake and throughout the day is helpful. As we prepare for bed taking time to reflect upon all the good we accomplished each day and those moments when we didn’t realize our full potential as human beings, to forgive ourselves and aim to do better the next time.

Rest well dear readers and feel free to email me anytime using the contact form above.

Pax Victoria

6 thoughts on “Live a life that matters…

    1. Thank you Simone ❤️ the best part of yesterday was that I got to hold my granddaughter all day, giving my son and daughter in law a break. She is 9 months today! Babies are so much fun 🤩. Continued prayers for you and your baby ☺️🙏🥰

      1. Ooh, that’s so sweet!! I’m sure she is the cutest thing that happened. It’s so nice of you to give your guys a little break. 🥰😇
        Thank you, Victoria! You’re too sweet..!

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