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I have a foggy brain because of Covid but realized tonight that all my hard work of learning and applying SEO (search engine optimization) that brings more viewers on my blog through a higher ranking on Google will be lost if I don”t post regularly. It is just starting to rank my blog higher which is exciting but also not a good time to take a break. Everyone is in bed tucked away, mom duty is over and I have some time to myself. I have spent the evening reading questions and answers on Quora and found a terrific writing piece that almost perfectly describes what I have been trying to convey on here about my remission from Schizophrenia.

I would also add that kratom as an antipsyhotic has changed my life and will once again include a link to the article that helped me learn how to use kratom in low doses for psychotic symptoms and also as an antidepressant. Here is that article, and also a link to my blog about how kratom has changed my life and how to use it responsibly here.

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Here is a very interesting and educational read on Quora answering the question if people with Schizophrenia can go into remission. I have also invited the author Luna Ray to join me on Victoria’s Schizophrenia Space, which is very rare for me to like an answer so much that I would not only upvote it, share it on Quora and also here on my blog. I hope she joins me and maybe I can get her to write a guest blog! Enjoy!



Luna Ray

Certified Peer Specialiast and AdvocateUpdated 1y

Can people with schizophrenia go into remission?

I just want to add , that “remission” of schizophrenia is not as everyone here is saying, dependent on psycho pharmaceutical treatment. That type of treatment only lessens positive symptoms such as hallucinations, which maybe more convenient for people around them, but it doesn’t really help the person with schizophrenia all that much.

It is very frustrating to repeatedly see so much misinformation posted, mostly by people who are simply parroting pop psychiatry, but they don’t actually know what they are talking about.

Many people diagnosed with schizophrenia are not helped by any psycho pharmaceutical drugs, in fact many fare even worse with them over the long term. People with schizophrenia can have positive(hallucinations, delusions) and negative symptoms(cognitive impairments in memory, concentration, processing speed, visual spatial processing , avolition, depression, apathy etc) and the worst symptoms that have the most negative impact on the quality of their life, are the negative symptoms which are not at all improved by the current psycho pharmaceuticals out there, in fact those drugs often make the negative symptoms worse. The only thing the drugs do that maybe at all “good”(aka not very detrimental), is temporarily lessen the positive symptoms which are actually the least distressing or damaging to the quality of life.

I’m not saying that positive symptoms are not distressing, they are sometimes distressing, sometimes not. when they are very distressing it can be a relief to have some treatment with anti psychotic drugs, because it provides some respite from the hallucinations which often feed the delusions. That’s all great for the short term, it doesn’t take long for the anti psychotics to have this effect. But, when people are on the anti psychotic drugs for an extended time(beyond the time needed to offer relief from possibly distressing positive symptoms, the effectiveness on the positive symptoms lessens and the detrimental impact on the negative symptoms increases, leaving the person with mild positive symptoms and debilitating negative symptoms, which makes them more convenient and comfortable for people around them, but renders the person taking the drugs, cognitively crippled. Not to mention that it also leaves them with a host of other health problems, such as obesity, diabetes, heart rythm problems, blood pressure problems, other organ problems(liver, kidneys, thyroid) and tardive dyskinesia that sometimes can lead to physical inability to speak and cause constant trembling and spastic movements as a result of the dopamine level in the brain being insufficient because that is what anti psychotic drugs do.

Years of anti psychotics have left me with tardive dyskineia and and a dangerous heart conditions, as well as cognitive problems. All those things have improved since ceasing the use of those drugs, but the tardive dyskinesia is still there, I still can’t take a hole host of medications because of the danger to my heart .

Remission for me is definitely possible for periods of time until I get an exacerbation usually brought on by circumstantial or physical/medical stressors.

Remission without pharmaceuticals for me looks like having only mild hallucinations and some beliefs which others label paranoid, but they are not distressing.

I know I could get another exacerbation, though I have not had one for 10 months now(without pharmaceuticals), but when I was on daily anti psychotic drugs for years I never was in “remission” for longer than 3 months and it was only a remission of positive symptoms with debilitating negative symptoms.

I really hope that people stop posting so much misinformation. Sadly many people diagnosed with schizophrenia are also extremely misinformed. Some may indeed feel better on the drugs and I’m happy for them, but many and actually most people diagnosed with schizophrenia have not found relief or improvement with pharmaceuticals. Some of us are lucky to have at least periods of remission without pharmaceuticals and others are less fortunate on or off pharmaceuticals…

What is far more important for “remission” is improved life circumstances, such a better support to keep stress levels at bay. Support to have stable shelter, food, physical health and emotional health are far more effective in the long term than any pharmaceutical, but unfortunately when people keep believing that only pharmaceuticals will truly help, the other types of support are usually not offered at all as they are thought to not be important or useful if a person doesn’t take the drugs. Then many diagnosed with schizophrenia end up in even worse situations, because people in society are not willing to support them at all when they are not improving with pharmaceuticals(sometimes they refuse to take them because they have experienced just how debilitating they are, and sometimes they do take them and just don’t “improve”(become comfortable to be around for others) to anyone’s standards or expectations).

I don’t know why it matters, but disclaimer: I a not a medical or mental health professional, but I have more experience with these specific issues than 99% of professionals and I also inform myself well by reading scholarly articles etc not just pop psych articles

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