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I am coming out of my Covid cocoon for a moment to welcome some new visitors to my site.

My name is Victoria Marie Alonso and I have run this blog since 2013 Noshameinschizophrenia or My personal recovery from Schizophrenia. I was diagnosed in 2008, with full blown psychotic break happening 2006-2008; my psychiatric issues (or mental health disorder) were diagnosed as Schizophrenia and a few months later fine-tuned to Schizoaffective Disorder.

I am now in full remission from Schizophrenia, thanks to an herbal supplement I take.

I have hopes to have a wider readership to help make a difference in my country USA and the world. I welcome all countries and am open to questions about my journey to a much better place than I was in 6 months ago. Feel free to use the contact form above to get in touch. I answer all emails in the order they are received but am currently sick with Covid so may take a little longer to reply.

What is important to know about his blog is that it is a little different than others who write about having Schizophrenia. I don’t identify myself as a schizophrenic or any other labels because I believe when we label ourselves we limit our potential as human beings!

This blog is under revisions but feel free to use the menu or search bar below for topics of interest.

I have written about many things through the years about my brain issues. Most recently I have written about the Mind, Body and Spirit connection which I will be continuing to write again.

The most awesome thing about me is that I am open to all thoughts that diverge from the mainstream focus of brain (mental) health issues. I believe that the world especially the USA needs to change their thinking about brain issues (also a good term I will be using is psychiatric issues).

I love to think, write, answer questions, change my pov (point of view) and make a difference in small ways by blogging from my heart.

So welcome and as soon as this brain fog goes away, there will be much more..

I will be blogging about brain health support in communities, peer counseling, and am open to new and old topics, as well. Feel free to write to me and let me know what about brain health interests you.

My next blog will be about my recent midnight visit to the ER due to mental confusion and a possible stroke. I was met by a team of neurologists and it was very intense! II am ok, it was just dehydration so if you have the newest Covid drink your fluids. But will share this adventure very soon.



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