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I would like to thank Sophie, our return guest blogger for another great article tonight on how to bust stress. While her article writes specifically about coping with downsizing and maintaining your well-being, I think it is great advice to bust stress for any event that happens in our lives. My mental health needs to be managed during all events, even happy ones can trigger poor mental health. So sit back and enjoy a great read.

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How to Cope With Downsizing: Maintaining Your Well-being

Downsizing is difficult, highly stressful, and occasionally painful. Not only do you have to manage a thousand moving-related details, but you’re also leaving behind the old and familiar for the strange and unknown. For many people, the whole exercise disrupts their daily routines and can even impact their mental and physical well-being. However, it’s possible to downsize while still maintaining your mental and physical well-being. Today, No Shame in Schizophrenia has some tips and suggestions on how to do so, whether you’re a young family or a senior couple:      

Take it One Step at a Time

Downsizing will be easier if you take it one step at a time. Doing everything all at once or thinking about how much you have to do still is how you stress yourself out. Instead, we recommend breaking it all down into bite-sized chunks – like packing, hiring movers, and gathering documents. Start planning it all a few weeks in advance. The earlier you begin downsizing-related work, the easier it’ll be. Where You Live Matters offers a handy downsizing checklist you can consult.

Practice Self-Care Daily

Self-care is actively looking after your physical and mental needs. You may practice a form of self-care already – like walking, Pilates, or similar. Make sure you continue looking after yourself during the move. Set aside at least an hour or so every day to focus on your health. Some self-care activities you should consider are bicycle riding, walking, swimming, tai chi, yoga, and meditating. Simple activities like drinking water, sitting in the sunlight, and drinking coffee also count.

Bust Stress

When the stress builds up, you need to find a way to release it. We offer multiple suggestions below:

  • Try some fun activities: Reading a book, watching a movie, and hobbies you enjoy positively divert your attention.
  • Go in nature: Being in nature is healing and peaceful. It can take away all your worries and stresses.
  • Get organized: Organizing yourself by setting a schedule and accomplishing tasks is empowering.
  • Work with professional movers: Working with professionals can take the stress out of the move. There should be a few companies in your area that fit the bill. Just search for “local movers near me” and check ratings and reviews online.

Honor Your Emotions

Downsizing triggers feelings like sadness, anger, anxiety, and even depression in many people – especially seniors. It’s understandable and natural. You’re leaving behind your beloved home, a place of which you have many fond memories. You may also be leaving behind a lifestyle of being independent and doing everything yourself. Allow yourself to feel what you are. Be kind to yourself. Seek mental health support if you need to. 

Enlist Help from Family and Friends

You don’t have to do everything alone. Ask your friends and family to lend you a helping hand. They may be able to assist you with packing, moving, organizing, and more. Just having your friends and family around can give you mental support, reduce stress, and uplift your mood.   


Look on the positive side: Yes, you’re leaving behind your old life and the place where you likely have many good memories. But, on the bright side, you’re leaving behind your old life! You can have a brand new, better one. You’re downsizing, which means you will have less space to maintain. It will give you more time and energy to spend on the things that truly matter. Downsizing is a good thing. Focus on the benefits and you will have no trouble maintaining your well-being. 

No Shame in Schizophrenia shares a wealth of free information on coping with schizophrenia and psychosis. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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