Studied albeism tonight…

I have suffered from this recently even tonight I have discovered, being discriminated because I am not always of my right mind because of my disability having Schizoaffective Disorder.

Much stress tonight to say the least. So my question for the universe tonight is do I let this go and avoid that forum where my disorder acted up recently or give it a go and try to educate them? I don’t feel it is my job or in my power to do so as I have caused some injury with my delusional actions admittedly.

I am trying hard to find a recovery forum, chat preferrably that embraces being totally abstinent off of all mind altering chemicals, still working on the nicotine but will let that go soon I pray, and also one that accepts a Higher Power than us is guiding our lives in seen and unseen ways. Am I asking for too much here? I keep being led back to the same site only to suffer from albeism and more pain, agony and anxiety. I got angry tonight again at God. But better now.

I wanted to punch a punching bag, instead walked a lot and vacuumed. I’m going to bed early tonight hopefully. Will stop checking my email trash for a response from the site I was on tonight that discriminated me.

I want to ask God why, why me, why this, why this always confusion?

But the Universe is silent so will check in with my secular friend sooner hopefully rather than later.

I apologize for using the word “crazy” in my 2-22-22 post. I removed it and changed it a bit. Hope it didn’t offend anyone, it did me after learning more about albeism.

peace to all who are disabled in body or mind as I am and accept this limitation of my abilities but tonight I also celebrate them fully too!