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I’ve been busy today and excited for my son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter (7 months now and loves me and my daughter the most) to come over tonight for a spaghetti dinner. All my kids will be here and my husband who just asked “what are you doing on the computer? Blogging?” Yep I answer ha ha. Marriage can be fun and predictable at times and other times totally throw us for a ringer like the first part of this year…

Life is good and might actually venture out tomorrow to Safe Haven Open House in celebration of Mental Health Awareness Month, the place where I met my first of many, hopefully, non-binary friend. Hope to see them tomorrow if I go! Haven’t been struggling at all with my Schizophrenia so when they call we just catch up and talk about life in general or some hot topic one of us is interested in. They are peer counselors and very good at their job to say the least! I like to think I help them a bit as they have helped me so much from getting through self healing from DID disorder last year, to psychosis last December and recent toxic family member’s difficulties. They taught me to have compassion for all especially myself and were a huge part of my healing journey. Just having someone to talk to to voice my concerns with a non spiritual perspective made all the difference in my mental health and unusual existence…

Anyway, we shall see if I go. I’m good with the same people but sometimes meeting new people is very taxing for me as I haven’t tested my empathic abilities yet since I have been doing so well. I’m actually talking myself into going. Social anxiety, negative and positive energies will be present, but I will do what I have been doing all day and say in each encounter (to myself haha) I love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me and Thank you to the Divine. It has really been a great day doing this instead of my usual prayers. It is like a cleansing of myself and works even if one doesn’t mean it.

Well off to cook noodles.



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Love is the answer

In all things I do may love be at the forefront of all I do…

for the Divine

for my loved ones, especially my parents, husband and three children

I must love in deed and word

Ignoring my disorder as it causes me to go from project to project without thinking about God and all that is good.

I feed myself with spiritual readings on Eastern philosophies, Catholic teachings especially about Mary who was God’s greatest gift to this world.

Mothers are so special that even God wanted one and it is through her that we have our redemption.  She is perfect and from her I learn how to love.

What has precipitated this post is a situation that caused me much distress within my marriage.  But I asked Mary for guidance and she does not fail to go to the Father who art in heaven and present my needs.  Things are much better now that I was able to be honest with him about my needs.  The Divine is so good and wants good for us all through His love for Mankind and all that he hopes for us to realize in this lifetime!