A Powerful poem amidst the chaos in our world with Hope at the end…

Grace of the Sun is a poet I have recently had the chance of following her poetry.

Her poems often capture what I am feeling but in this poem, which I am posting, I feel encapsulates much of what our world is going through right now.

Read on and follow Grace of the Sun for more beautiful words rhythmically strung together for our benefit…. with a sigh I present to you her latest work of art~


falling apart,
with vanity,
consuming hearts.
flings hateful darts,
erasing smarts.

Doubtful eyes,
walking around.
Hurtful cries,
vibrating sounds.
False disguise,
seem so profound.
Painful lies,
swiftly surround.

Great clarity,
causes restart,
makes love an art,
brings unity,
hatred departs,
flies off the charts.

Gained control,
pledges and oaths,
mend all holes,
so faith can grow.
Every role,
impacts the flow,
clears the soul,
so peace can glow.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


I feel this poem needs no interpretation

Have a wonderful Sunday and week:)