Another guest article coming soon on Home Upgrades For Better Health and wellness…

Wow! Super excited for this next guest article I will be posting either later tonight or tomorrow if all goes as planned.

I am in an awesome headspace, just finished my 8th step in my recovery from addiction and have started on the 9th step already. For those not familiar with 12 step programs, the 8th step is making a list of people we had harmed in our using and becoming willing to make amends to them all and the 9th step is making amends. It was very intense and my brain is tired but happy tonight.

My Higher Power has been at work and play and will write more soon but alas the dishes await so I will blog when I have more time.

peace, love and light to you all:)


Out of my hands 🙌🏻

Aahhh! Life is so strange often…

But I’m doing the best with all that is on my plate as my dad would say quite often… I like quoting him. He had great wisdom. Thanks dad!

While I recover from my recent psychotic episode and deal with thyroid issues I have more time on my hands and feel inclined to blog.

Upcoming is a guest article on how to help someone who is suicidal, it’s wonderful and well written and will be posting it soon. Also I am going to be sharing more stories of my crazy teenage life and how a lie from my dad when I was living on the streets of New York City circa 1988 saved my life from drug addiction! I just found out about the lie he told from my mom! Thanks mom♥️

This blog is going in a different direction I feel inclined to write about addiction and recovery because that’s where I’m at. And that’s what I’ve always done since starting this blog in 2013!

I just celebrated 6 months off weed and 7 months off alcohol! A miracle from God or my Higher Power I prefer the term nowadays. Life is much better off the drugs for sure.

Peace love and light to all ♥️

Michelle aka Victoria