Energy and Motivation…

There are a plethora of ways to get energy: some already have it in their natural state (not me), caffeinated (used to be me), and herbal supplements (which is where I am today). There is also a type of energy that is created when one has a deadline or exciting event to prepare for, examples could be a holiday, vacation or party.

I’m noticing this more and more in my observations of my activity in my every day life now that I am in full remission from Schizophrenia/Schizoaffective Disorder. These last few months have been major catch up, for what “normal” people take for granted, the ability to be motivated and stay on top of things.

It was awesome today when I got everything done on my list and now I get to blog! My pièce de résistance (main creative work ha ha, I had to google it).

But for me now everything is important, from how I fold the laundry better and more organized, to dusting properly rather than just suffering through it wishing I was done. I don’t mind even tedious tasks and am now thinking about how long I have suffered from lack of motivation and natural energy- pretty much my whole life, I could never finish things unless my mom and dad made me.

This is night and day. Another extreme benefit to taking my new herbal supplement, Kratom. If you would like to read a rather lengthy article to give to healthcare providers about it click here. It has given me a new lease on life and I’ll take it!

What motivates you? What gives you energy? How do you achieve goals?

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Please don’t forget…

That we are all special and unique, even when we are feeling otherwise.

I have just come off of a 16 year long delusion that I was the most special person to ever live. What a burden that was to carry around. But thanks to taking Kratom for over a month this delusion is gone and I can laugh about it now. I mean come on that would mean I am greater than Jesus, Mary, Gandhi, etc..

Big lol over here.

I am not ashamed that I have Schizophrenia/Schizoaffective Disorder!

I am at my best and have been so busy living life that I haven’t been blogging as much lately. That’s ok sometimes but today I felt the need to let everyone I am doing awesome. Blogging increases my dopamine levels I have discovered, as does social connections, which I am making more frequently as of late, nicotine (much less these days), cold showers, and Kratom. There is much more but although I haven’t taken a cold shower, I have gone outside in the cold with shorts and tank top and find it beneficial.

When we are lacking dopamine, which is a part of having Schizophrenia, our pleasure center needs to be stimulated or we are apathetic, bored with our life and seek after drugs and alcohol. I have not had a drink in 11 months! I don’t miss it but sought out herbs to stimulate my dopamine levels and it’s working great! I need to dedicate a notebook to all the herbs I am trying, to remember which ones worked and which ones were like nah, didn’t do anything.

Anyway, just checking in and will be back soon but not everyday as I have so many projects, it’s unbelievable how much I am getting done. Normal people (if one even knows what that is) are able to start and finish tasks with ease. People with Schizophrenia don’t have the ability to do the same. I am starting to though and it feels great to be more “normal” than ever before.

Here are my current projects that bring me joy~

Digging up rocks in rose garden and weeding it too, with long gloves on the way

Side garden continued every day. It is quite lovely and the grass and wildflowers I planted are really progressing nicely.

Daily Yoga and long walks with my dog or daughter plus strength training 3x a week

Following nutrition recommendations for better brain health about 80/20 of the time which means lots of finding recipes and cooking them and cleaning my kitchen.

Writing my Nature Thought Journal (on day 6!, with a goal of 30 days)

Other writing projects especially Logotherapy

30 day Mental Health Journal by Joey talks, which I highly recommend

Enlightenment retreat (on session 4)

Studies of herbs, philosophy and consciousness

Painting my kitchen cabinets

Helping my mom as much as possible

Daily fetch with my pups!

Babysitting my granddaughter!

Weekly family dinners!

Spa bath time every other day

Maintaining a minimalistic lifestyle especially with my wardrobe

And more, basically putting my energy anywhere my family, home or other areas need attention.

Next today, dusting LOL

Have a peaceful week dear readers~

I will leave you with my favorite quote by Gandhi ~

Be the change you wish to see in the world…

I’m trying one moment at a time.



New supplement routine, Kratom…

My message of hope for people who suffer from depression, anxiety and psychosis is finally here tonight. I will share my new regimen that I have been on for the past 3 months , which has helped me greatly with all of the above and more…

I have been taking a new controversial herbal supplement called Kratom. Taking it in low dosages has led me to have more focus, clearer thought, more motivation, more optimism, more energy and relief from depression, anxiety and even psychotic symptoms presenting in my delusions I have held for 16 years.

Update: after 2 months on this routine all delusions were completely gone!

16 years!!!

Granted all my delusions were positive to the extreme, but nonetheless even though I have not heard voices or had hallucinations since 2006, which mine were voices, feelings and messages that were not true, I suffered from thinking that was not real. I am now able to balance my life in ways that matter to me and many in my life.

The reason that Kratom is controversial is because it has potential for abuse when not taken appropriately. But I did my research before taking it and have continued my education on it through a Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine article see link here and also my newest friend and life coach, Joey Talks on Youtube (see videos below to learn more if interested).

I also have a guide on kratom to give to health care providers if you decide to give kratom a try. Email me if you would like it. It is a long read but would be great to print and give to any doctors you are seeing.

Joey also does mental health sessions (he is going to school for a degree) for very reasonable rates which you can schedule a session here. He has also written a Mental Health Journal (I love mine) for helping people get in touch with themselves.

I have had several sessions with him and he’s awesome 👏! He is a very kind compassionate man who cares about others and has become popular on Youtube with his short passionate educational videos about Kratom, touting the benefits in his own life and others he brings on the show. He also educates his followers about the potentials for abusing this substance and recently had an ex-kratom user on the show who took it in such high levels in abusing it, I just can’t imagine. I am thankful to see both sides.

It is not legal in all countries though, so sorry if you are from one of them. If more people knew how to keep their doses low, through educating themselves on the possibilities of abuse, and using it effectively, then it wouldn’t be treated as a drug to be abused or feared.

Update: also been using agmatine from nootropics depot! It helps also to keep doses low.

Any questions or comments are always welcome. I don’t take it to get the mild euphoric effect but it does have that benefit sometimes too. Keeping it at low levels is helping me to manage my mental health to the best degree yet in my personal recovery from Schizophrenia/Schizoaffective Disorder.

I am now weaning off one of my antipsychotics, latuda and will be completely off of it next week! I also have cut my anti anxiety klonapin to less than a gram a day. At low levels On kratom I feel safe and more energetic to do all the work I have to do.

Use the contact form to get in touch with me with any questions. And Be sure to check out Joey Talks Videos below!

Peace to all