So what is the purpose of life, I ask again?

In my new found freedom from addiction to much, I have asked this question again and again and have not gotten any satisfactory answer until tonight.

For in seeking to understand the meaning of life, we miss out on it really.

My yoga book* tonight posed this very question as I sat down for a quiet meal to meditate and enjoy the serenity I have created in my home tonight- candle burning, fantastical music, much thought about nothing in particular but at ease, mostly.

This is what I read, “to expand, to create, to live abundantly and beyond, to explore and most of all to inspire.” I am doing this already in unspoken intention albeit not perfectly yet and am grateful for all that I am, all that I have, my thanksgiving is perpetual~ Thoreau

No words to add to this blog tonight.


*YOGA: Self Love Through Yoga (BREATHE) (Yoga For Beginners, Yoga Poses, Benefits of Yoga, Yoga Illustrated) by Lei Camille, kindle edition, Amazon

What is the meaning of life? part one

I ponder this question much and with my limited brain power have come to the conclusion that much of what our perception of the meaning of life is subjective to our own reality.

Our own reality may be skewed or colluded but if we have the desire, we can know our life purpose. Having a mental health disorder does not prevent this from happening. My reality is such that I can create my own life experiences by emitting to the universe my soul’s desires manifesting better outcomes leading to the finding of my purpose in this life.

Does that make sense?

My strong belief is that we each do have a purpose in this life but many of us are not aware enough to begin to travel on the right road. For me this process has been with an ebb and flow that keeps furthering me along the right path I believe with minor detours but like a labyrinth always leading me to the center of the enigma. This enigma is life. A puzzle waiting to be solved, and the key is to not forget the solution.

For me this means many things, mainly that I am taking care of myself first, second taking care of my situation and third giving back once I find that right beat that only I and only you can walk to. The beat of the drum that makes sense to you and you alone. That is what I am talking about.

It is like a chess game. yes I am currently obsessed with chess but have not seen the Queen’s Gambit. There are many obstacles in chess and life, but we can work on solutions. Some days may seem like defeat, but in defeat we are constantly learning. And with this new information we can change our life path…

Of course Jesus is at the center of ALL I DO! But He is not here with me making these decisions or is He? That gentle nudge to do something healthy, that reminder, the Holy Spirit is active and waits for us to consult him.

We just have to ask and emit our desires to the Universe and the Source of all that is Good and sit back and wait…

It is that easy for me but hard at the same time.

peace love light and joy