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Good evening all! Welcome to all the new countries with recent interest in this blog. I appreciate all visitors, wherever you are located, and hope this blog is of some help to you on your mental health journey. And thank you India, USA and Australia for being with me for a while now. As you may guess, I am cleaning up my blog tonight in preparation for another upcoming guest post in a few weeks hopefully and also in anticipation for this week’s Saturday Series: Mind, Body and Spirit Connection about Consciousness.

If you get a chance to listen to any of Michael Singer’s podcast “The Commitment to Stay Conscious, please do as the Saturday Series blog will focus on some of it, if everything goes as planned. I am pretty excited as it fits perfectly with the theme of this series. It’s a great listen anyway so check it out if interested.

Also, check out the new menu item at the top of this page for all my guest writer’s posts. I will be adding them tonight so check back tomorrow if you are interested in some great posts written by professionals, other bloggers and people interested in mental health. Thank you again to all my past guests on here and if you are interested in writing for this blog, feel free to send me an email or use the contact form. Any topic related to mental health will be of interest to me and others on their mental health journey.

I’ve also managed to get this site indexed through google after much research and emails to WordPress Happiness Engineers, who are all an awesome team! It wasn’t easy but I have realized recently that I am pretty good at figuring things out and being patient and adaptable when needed.

Have a great night/day and stay strong no matter what comes your way. I know the many challenges I have faced in my life have all made me a stronger person, especially since I came out alive:)



Upcoming Guest Blogger on Meditation for Saturday Series…

Today has been so smooth, gliding into a quick blog to introduce Sophie, who hosts a lovely meditation website; she contacted me recently with a wonderful article about meditation. Perfect for this Saturday Series about the mind, body and spirit connection don’t you think?
I still struggle with making time for meditation, though. So many fun projects, and visits with my family, yet I think it would greatly benefit me to meditate at a dedicated hour. Her website, which I will share this Saturday, is full of resources and debunking some of the myths of meditation. I know I am not the only one who struggles with meditation; in fact, few people I know personally have a daily dedicated practice.

How about you all? What are some of your experiences trying your hand at meditation?

Leave a comment pretty please, or email me using the contact form above if you would like to share privately.

How does meditation connect to the mind, body and spirit connection. I see benefits in all three dimensions of the unified whole person…

The mind, sets itself free to be still a while, and to receive whatever one is supposed to receive from God, or whatever you believe or don’t believe in. This can set a nice tone for the day.

The Body, it’s relaxing and restful. Great way to prepare for a busy day!

And the Spirit, but remember this is not religious, also can say soul interchangeably,, but it connects us to whatever force or within ourselves to fully live our lives.

Not sure if I have blogged this before, but I remember an anecdote about the Dalai Lama who meditated for hours every day, and on busy days with his important schedule, he even meditated more hours.

I need to practice what I preach so am going to really devote some time to meditation and report back in a couple of weeks.

So tune in early Saturday for this special blog. I can’t wait:)



Saturday Series: Mind, Body and Spirit Connection~Ayurveda lifestyle…

I am not anywhere near to being knowledgeable about Ayurveda but it intrigues me greatly as I find new herbs that help with so many ailments.

Ayurveda is the traditional Hindu system of medicine, which is based on the idea of balance in bodily systems and uses diet, herbal treatment, and yogic breathing. Literally translated it means “science of life”. Perfect for this series!

I won’t get into great detail about Ayurveda in this blog because it is highly complex and seems to change with the seasons. It is all about balance in the body, mind and spirit. I will say that the study of Ayurveda excites me as I expand my herbal supplements and research healthy ways to live my best life rather than just trusting Western medicine.

I will give one example of how Ayurveda techniques helped me last night and discuss one super herb that just arrived on my doorsteps.

I have had knee pain for a while now and with my increase in activities I have been gardening quite a bit which is hard on the knees already, but has caused me much joint pain of recent weeks. Couldn’t even get up without support of some kind.

So I was relaxing and exploring a new Ayurveda School (which I’m not going to do lol), but it had a section on Sports injuries. I checked it out and found that it is recommended to rub EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) on the afflicted joints. You have to rub a little vigorously, so I did so a little later with warm EVOO the front and back of my knees. I left it on for an hour as suggested and woke up this morning to a great relief of my joint pain. They still hurt but it is improved 75%. Amazing.

Here’s the thing though with Ayurveda, other types of pain encourage massage with different oils, so if it isn’t your joints EVOO won’t be as effective as other oils which I forget because it didn’t relate to my condition.

This new lifestyle has been on the horizon for me for a while now but it was confusing at first but I feel I have the brainpower now to learn more.

I actually have a free consult with an herbalist to discuss a new herb I hope to incorporate into my diet soon. It is callled Haritaki and is what the Buddha himself used. I am still learning about all its benefits but want to discuss it with an herbal doctor before adding it to my diet.

Next week I will continue this study of an Ayurveda lifestyle. Any questions or comments are always welcome.



Saturday series~Mind, body & Spirit~Anxiety, laughter and aromatherapy…

Welcome Readers to my second Saturday series. This week has been an interesting one with much studies on Consciousness but last night I found a book on Natural remedies for anxiety so am sharing what I learned and am already practicing. Today’s focus is the mind which also affects our physical and spirit aspects as well. When our mind is at ease we are much more able to exercise, eat right, sleep better to name a few benefits.

Anxiety and depression often go hand in hand and this is the case with me. It can be debilitating as I’m sure many of you know. Or it can be a mild annoyance as it is with me these days.

The first chapter digs right in to the old adage, “Laughter is the best medicine”. I know I need to laugh more but didn’t realize that even forced laughter is beneficial. When we laugh we release endorphins and I know this can be awesome. I laugh almost every day but have a good laugh at least once a month.

Laughter yoga and therapy can be helpful but I don’t have time for all that so I am doing what is recommended and just laughing at everything I can, even myself. I feel more joyful as when I laugh a smile comes upon my face. And with all the projects I have going on am setting a schedule for laughing at least 3 times a day.

Mental illness is serious so something free like this is exciting. I am serious way too much but am finding it more fun to laugh with someone instead of by myself. How do you like to laugh? Funny stories, the comics, movies and just laughing at the oddities of life all help me to laugh more. So I am scheduling it in my day to do list and tonight will be babysitting my granddaughter with my daughter which I always laugh when I am with them.

Laughter can be a great alternative treatment to medicine. Although I will keep taking mine, I know that with the following ways to incorporate laughter into my days will help along with medicine.

Here are some tips~

Start smiling more- this triggers the pleasure response in your brain which can be contagious ha ha. Smile at people or at yourself in the mirror. I know a smile from a stranger can brighten my day so simply returning it or smiling first can help. Notice the influence this simple practice produces in you and others.

Count your blessings to start with that we are alive. This helps to highlight the positive no matter what situation you are inn.

If you see or hear laughter join in. This will help in making connections stronger.

Encourage simulated laughter- non spontaneous but forced. Join in laughter yoga or set a timer for 60 seconds and start laughing bringing about a new perspective.

Watch funny movies or google funny groups. Even karaoke can be fun.

Place reminders of things that bring you humor, joy and smiles in your space with posters, pictures, etc..

Listen to a comedy podcast or youtube video. Check out this laughter explanation here.

“Basically invite laughter into every aspect of your life” from Body, Mind and emotional work for Anxiety by P. Restaino.


From the same book, chapter two, I rediscovered how many essential oils I use to benefit reducing anxiety. I jokingly say I am addicted to lavender. But I use it every night for a soothing sleep. I put oil on my hand to smell the half hour before I go to sleep and put some on my pillow and smooth it out but spray works as well.

“Essential oils and aromatherapy shift our nervous system through the sense of smell” Start simple and the book by Restaino recommends finding an aromatherapist to help you figure out which essential oils may work for you along with concentration and technique. I went to one once and discovered that I like bergamot and lavender together to ease my anxiety. But the book mentions rubbing frankincense into your scalp in the mornings. I might try that!

I highly recommend the book and if you have kindle on your phone you can read it for free.

Let me know what you think about using laughter and aromatherapy to help ease anxiety!