Much to ponder tonight about the war in the Ukraine…

How can we enjoy our privileged lives here in the USA when there is so much suffering going on in the Ukraine? I had the honor today to give a little bit of money directly to a Ukrainian family. They wished me to write a little bit of what motivated me and they wish to write me a letter back. I am so touched and moved by being able to help someone in the Ukraine.

Very far from where I was at back in NYC in 1989. I was homeless and received many gifts of food and money, but I wasn’t in a *(&^%$%^&*& war. Yes a dear friend died but there are so many dying innocently in the Ukraine. I was going to write the letter tomorrow, but then I thought the terrible but sad truth, they may not have a tomorrow. So I sent it right before blogging.

If anyone on here wants to send a message of love or a donation to help this family and perhaps others in the Ukraine please do send me an email at: 100% of your donation will go directly to this family in need. If you don’t have funds a kind word will do. I don’t think they know that many in the world are praying for them and for an end to the war.